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About Us

singles holiday

What is SinglePlanet about?

Single Planet is all about helping you to find the best singles holidays by listing great places for a holiday as a solo traveller.

We know, as single travellers ourselves, the kind of hotels solo travellers enjoy. We know that we value being treated well- not necessarily luxuriously, although that can be nice, but being genuinely welcomed, given good rooms and where we can feel included not isolated.

We also know that great singles holidays are not always easy to find. So we have done all the work and found a selection of hotels that are good for single travellers and told you why we like each one. We have spent the time scouring the ‘net to find places that are good for a singles holiday, especially for solo travellers aged 25 and over.

We have found singles holiday places where the hotel makes you welcome and in many cases where they make it easy to interact with other solo traveller guests. Some hotels have a social table where you can just join in with other guests at mealtimes, some have sociable bars, others a range of activities that mean you can meet people and make friends.

Can I nominate hotels that I think are good?

Please do. We are always looking out for more places to add to the site so people can have more choice. So if you have been somewhere great for a singles holiday, then click on ‘Nominate a hotel‘ and tell us. We can add the hotel to our list and include your feedback on that hotel.

SinglePlanet ratings?

singles holiday

We have rated all hotels on our site by giving them a SinglePlanet rating (from 1 SinglePlanet to 5 SinglePlanets). This rating is our view of whether the hotel/destination under review is a good place for a single person to go on holiday, based on whether other single people travel there, what kind of opportunities there are for meeting others (activities, classes, social or communal tables), what kind of reviews or reports/articles have been written, what we or our friends have seen and so on. The better the hotel is for  single travellers, the better the rating.

This has been put together through research – we haven’t visited every resort but we have reviewed and read thousands of reviews/reports/articles/feedback  and give you our SinglePlanet view, a SinglePlanet rating, that will summarise all that we have seen and read and let you know how good we think the resort would be for a singles holiday.

This means we don’t give a view/rating based solely on one person’s experience but on the experience of as many people who have been there that we can find. This approach helps you to find possible holiday destinations quickly and easily, saving a lot of time (and sadly stops us spending our days travelling to lots of lovely hotels).

SinglePlanet Price Bands

We have put each hotel/destination featured into a price band of £ or ££ or £££. This is to make it easier to choose the destination for you. Naturally some hotels have a basic price, a lot are all-inclusive and some include lessons or tuition. Whatever the basis for setting their prices we have banded according to the approximate per night stay, in a room for single occupancy.

The bands are roughly: one £ means up to £100, ££ means between £100 and £200, £££ means over £200 per night.

The prices hotels charge do change up and down, and currencies fluctuate, so these bands should simply be used as a guide to find the relative pricing between hotels and destinations. For final price confirmation please check with our travel partner (who will provide a special SinglePlanet discount) or click on the hotel website link on the individual hotel’s page.

We haven’t included any element of flight cost. For detailed flight and other quotes please talk to your airline or our travel partner.

Do you want feedback on hotels?

Absolutely. So if you have any feedback on the hotels already featured just let us know (click on ‘Write a review’)  because the more the merrier!

Frequently asked questions:

How do you choose SinglePlanet destinations?

We have only listed destinations/hotels that we feel qualify for a SinglePlanet listing. Hotels that have a certain standard (we won’t feature hotels that are tatty, tacky, too basic) are not wild (but lively is OK), hotels that have a certain style and something to offer a solo traveller on a singles holiday. Hotels cannot pay to be included. If a hotel does not meet our standard we will not include it on the site. If a hotel is frequently badly reviewed for the basics, it will not be included, even if it’s got lots going on for singles.

Do you feature group holidays?

We don’t feature group holidays. Whilst there are a number of tour operators for people who want to travel as a group (organisations like  where they are sociable but shared rooms is the norm) we focus on holiday destinations for people who don’t want to travel ‘en masse’. Of course, once you are there you want to see other singles and we don’t distinguish how they got there.

Are you a travel agent?

We are not a travel agency and we do not book hotels. We encourage you to either book with the hotels direct through their website, via a link on our page or to book through our travel  partner, Light Blue Travel Ltd., who can also take care of flights and other travel essentials. We have agreed with Light Blue Ltd that all bookings will qualify for a SinglePlanet discount. The amount of discount depends of course on the nature of the booking/ flight etc- but we are assured there will be one!

So what is this site for?

This is simply a site to help single people, like you, find great singles holidays with a more independent flavour. We want to create a community of places that single people will want to stay at, whether that is at a beach, in a spa, on an activity holiday or just somewhere to get away from it all. We want to create as large a choice as possible and welcome suggestions of hotels to add (see “add a hotel” sections to do this or just email us at The more places you suggest, the more places we can add and the more places we all have to choose from. So if you know somewhere worth adding, tell us. Your views will be welcomed.

Are you a dating site?

Nope. We are simply here to help you find a great holiday- whether you are a single person or in a relationship and just travelling alone this time. We provide information on different places for a singles holiday. Then again, if you are going to a place where there are other single people and some magic happens…

How does SinglePlanet get paid?

There are no fees to the traveller- this site is free to use. We will be paid (sometimes!) from normal travel industry commissions only once you have booked your stay either by clicking through the link to the hotel’s website and booking there or by booking through our travel partner agent. Of course if you book through another site or your own travel agent we won’t receive any benefit- so we would like you to use the links so we can carry on providing this service.

Any guarantees?

The views and suggestions on the site SinglePlanet are simply views and suggestions, based on the research we carry out. They are not guarantees.

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